• Hairomega DHT Shampoo and Conditioner

Save with this complete hair loss solution for fuller, thicker, healthier hair.

Effective hair loss treatment with a healthy 15% saving.


Hairomega DHT Information

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Hairomega Argan Oil hair growth Conditioner Information


How long do I have to take HairOmega™ before I will notice results?

Typically, a change in hair loss should be observed in 2-6 weeks and a change in hair growth should be observed between 2-6 months.

Is HairOmega® for women too?

HairOmega® is for both men and women! Women also have minute levels of testosterone in their bodies that can get converted to hair loss causing DHT. HairOmega® 3-in-1 has DHT Blockers as well as ingredients that help support hormonal balance in women as well as men.

Are there any side effects?

HairOmega® is well tolerated by most people. Please be aware that HairOmega® is a very comprehensive supplement and the main ingredient saw palmetto can sometimes cause indigestion. If that happens to you we recommend taking the product with food.

Can I take Hairomega® with topical hair loss solutions?

Yes- in fact customers have noticed improved results by combining HairOmega® 3-in-1 with  Hairomega® Foam 

Do I have to take the pills throughout the day?

Taking the product throughout the day maximizes absorption and effectiveness but you can take them all at once.

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